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A Production company based in Hertfordshire creating documentary film and immersive story-telling, with human stories at the heart of each production. 

Utilising the power of film to connect audiences and create learning, HeteroDocs are developing VR Documentary stories to explore new perspectives and maximise social impact. 

Available to conduct R&D for a concept or produce a whole project from scratch, HeteroDocs works to produce empowering and entertaining content. 

Executive Profiles 

Founded by the filmmaker Siobhan McDonnell whose background in Anthropology, 6 years in the film industry and over 8 years in youth development inspired the culmination of film and social impact. 

After witnessing how effectively film can connect people, in both the watching and the art of creating it, HeteroDocs was set-up to create films that include participants, challenge perspectives and are using new and innovative technologies to do it.

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An exciting time for new and immersive ways  to engage in story-telling, documentary has never been more popular.

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