Welcome to HeteroDocs

Breaking the mould in Documentary Film

About Us

Welcome to HeteroDocs

An emerging  and boundary-breaking collective that prides itself on connecting with people through film 

HeteroDocs was launched in 2017 to make films and social content that could inspire and challenge perspectives. 

Founded by independent Filmmaker Siobhan McDonnell who strives to make respectful and ethically produced films. 

Commercial Projects

Our commercial and client-led projects include Warner Bros. LGBTQ+,  Swiss charity BAAS, Action for Education Chios & more. 

We've supported charities and clients both in the UK and abroad. 

Documentary Film

Documentary films grounded in an omnipresent struggle for human equality.  Creative story telling that delves across topics of gender, human rights, sexuality and politics. 



Check out what HeteroDocs have been getting up to since 2017. 

Picture My Story

Picture My Story was founded by Siobhan McDonnell and Dr John-Mark Philo in an attempt to give elements of childhood back to  vulnerable young people in Refugee Camps. 

Picture My Story teaches the basic in filmmaking to young people with the aim of exploring imagination in a safe space. 

Launched in 2016 the project completed two successful pilot projects on the Greek island of Chios.  

God's Glass Ceiling

Should the shape of our genitals shape our career?

We go behind the scenes  into the politics of the Church of England at The General Synod as we ask the question 'Is the Church sexist'?

A Short Documentary investigating the role of women in the church amid the furiously hot debate of 'Women Bishops'. 

#Put it Back

Social Media Campaign

Can you do your weekly shop and only bring home the items that can be recycled? 

Carly & Carmina go undercover. 


They're still in training. 

Picture My Story snapshot

Our Goals

To allow children to explore their imagination, create their own realities for a short time and express themselves through film. 

Launch Plea

We started with a small idea and thank-you to all our funders and supporters who made it possible.

Pop-up Cinema

There is no greater sound than the uninhibited laughter of children.  

'Shrek' with Arabic & Farsi subtitles.

This is a precious sound in Vial refugee camp. 

Making own films

Teaching the basic technical skills in camera and sound to help construct the story.

Budding actors, directors & writers

The groups work together to make their film, bringing out a range of skills and talents that might otherwise not be used. 

Future Projects

The film workshops still run intermittently when volunteers on the ground are able to assist. Though funds and support is limited so all help gratefully received.

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