Pandemic Notes

Episode 1: Alex

How do you isolate indoors when your life mission is to run around the world? An international adventurer with Parkinson's shares his experiences on isolation and the impact of the Pandemic on his life. 

Episode 2 : Ami

After being in isolation for several weeks, what does the Covid-19 pandemic look like to a a 9yr old? 


Forever End documentary

A humorous yet poignant look at the highs and lows of a neurodivergent actor as he navigates the challenging, and often illogical world of auditions.

Coming in 2020


Picture My Story Workshops

A project set up to allow young people in Refugee camps to explore their imagination and express themselves through film. 

The project taught camera skills, story building and editing, whilst actively encouraging acting, performance  and creativity throughout. 

Co-Founded by Siobhan McDonnell & 

Dr John-Mark Philo.