Picture My Story snapshot

Our Goals


A project set up to allow young people to explore their imagination and express themselves through film. 

Launch Plea


Co-Founded by Siobhan McDonnell & 

Dr John-Mark Philo. 

It started with an idea. Thank-you to all our funders and supporters who made it possible.

Pop-up Cinema


There is no greater sound than the uninhibited laughter of children.  

We set-up 'Shrek' with Arabic & Farsi subtitles in Vial refugee camp. 

Making Short Films


Teaching the basic technical camera skills and sound to help bring a story to life on screen.

Budding Creatives


Actors, Directors & Writers: 

The groups work together to make their films. In low resource settings this can often mean getting creative. 

Future Projects


The film workshops still run intermittently when volunteers on the ground are able to assist. 

Future projects are in the pipeline.